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Lighthouse Dental Group!

A Complete Health Dental Practice serving Michiana and Lower Southwest Michigan area.

We are a local, Dentist-owned, Complete Health Dentistry practice that is patient centered. We help patients understand how an unhealthy mouth affects the health of the rest of the body.

We help restore existing dental problems and educate patients to understand the connection of their oral health to the health of their entire body. Prevention is our primary focus. Our team of doctors and clinicians will listen to your concerns to understand your oral health goals and needs. We will then put together a personalized treatment plan to get you healthy, happy, and disease free.


We are a complete service dental office offering full restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We offer orthodontic options, root canals, and extractions. We have sedation options for the comfort of our patients. Our office features the latest technology, digital imaging, and enhanced oral cancer screening for the wellness and prevention of our family of patients.

The goal of Lighthouse Dental Group is to provide same-day emergency visits for our existing patients as well as new patients. We take pride in being on time for our appointments because your time is valuable!

Research shows that an unhealthy mouth affects the health of your ENTIRE body...


So far, medical research has uncovered significant links between oral health and the following inflammatory diseases:

Heart Attack



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Various Cancers

Kidney Disease

Alzheimer's Disease



Premature Birth



Sleep Apnea

Lung Disease

Cardiovascular Disease

High Blood Pressure

If you or your family has a medical history of ANY of these diseases, or your goal is to achieve the best overall health possible, it is IMPERATIVE that you click on the link IMMEDIATELY!





Insurance can be tough to navigate. Our proprietary Dental Benefits Program can help take the guess work out of coverage, and help ensure you get the treatments you and your family need at an affordable price.


Copper the Comfort Dog!

Copper can help children and adults alike overcome the anxieties of procedures! 

We want your experience with us to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. In addition Copper's services, we offer nitrous and oral sedatives, and are happy to provide heated blankets and pillows too!

We can restore your smile!

Whether it's converting old metallic fillings into composite natural-colored fillings, replacing missing or broken teeth, or simply straightening them out, we can provide the best course of treatment to help you show the world your smile. 

We believe our work speaks for itself. The work done in the before and after picture to the right shows just one example of a patient we were able to help. Click below to see more examples of restorative work we have provided to our patients.

What our patients are saying...

Very Positive Experience

Very positive experience. I had a root canal and was hesitant about getting it done, but the staff was very supportive and friendly.

I would definitely recommend them to others. 

Lori L.

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Whether you'd like to request an appointment, or simply have a question, fill out the form to the right or call us as (269) 465-3001 and our staff will be happy to help!

Prevention of Disease is Our #1 Goal!

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