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Aftercare Instructions

Below are post-operative instructions from the Dentists at Lighthouse Dental Group.

If you have any questions about your procedure or are experiencing abnormal bleeding, swelling or severe discomfort, please do not hesitate to call us @ 269-465-3001.

  • Why are patients with dental insurance not eligible for the plan? Several reasons but here are a few:
    Dental offices are not required to process insurance claims however, as a courtesy Red Arrow Dentistry has elected to absorb the time and expense necessary to process insurance claims for the convenience of our patients. This requires several full time staff members as well as additional processing fees charged to Red Arrow. In order to submit claims to insurance companies on behalf of our patients the INSURANCE COMPANIES REQUIRE RED ARROW TO ACCEPT DEEP WRITE-OFFS ON OUR FEES. If we do not accept these write-offs we could not process the insurance claims for our patients. We simply cannot afford to give the patient a discount and take the insurance write-off. Giving our patient a discount but filing the full amount to insurance constitutes insurance fraud which we will not do. The discounts offered in the Red Arrow Dental Savings Plan are a reflection of the added costs associated with filing insurance claims and the write-offs we must take in order to accept the insurance. At Red Arrow we felt it was unfair to make uninsured patients pay the higher cost associated with insurance processing if they did not have insurance.
  • Who qualifies as an immediate family member?
    Husband, wife and all of their children 18 and under who live in the household.
  • Do unused benefits roll over into the next year?
    No. All plan benefits must be used within the year of the plan.
  • If I have a current treatment plan, when do I receive the discount?"
    Discounts are applied when the treatment is completed. Participant must be a current plan participant to receive the discount. Ex: If a participant is current this year and receives a treatment plan for a filling but does not have the procedure done until after the plan has expired the discount would NOT apply. However, if the participant renews the plan for an additional period they WOULD RECEIVE the discount. Even if the participant did not participate in the plan for a couple of years but then rejoined they would receive the discount as long as they are a current participant at the time the procedure is completed.​
  • What if I have an existing treatment plan with Red Arrow Dentistry and become a plan participant? Do I receive the discount?
    Yes, as long as the work has not been started yet the discount would apply.
  • What about pre-existing conditions?
    As long as the patient is a current plan participant and work has not yet begun the discount would be applied if completed while the patient is still a current participant.
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