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Lighthouse Sleep Apnea Center
What Makes Us Different!

The negative effects of reduced air flow are severe! So severe that we will do your initial airway testing FREE OF CHARGE using the state-of-the-art Eccovision Acoustic Diagnostic Imaging Computer. Our Oral Appliance Package includes all testing, top of the line Oral Appliance, additional airway testing and post-delivery home sleep study all in ONE LOW package price.

The sleep apnea program at Lighthouse Sleep Apnea Center took several years to develop. We interviewed countless individuals who believed they had sleep apnea but had not yet been tested. We also interviewed many people who had already been tested, had sleep apnea and were using a CPAP. Our findings indicated there was a severe gap between what the patients needed and what the industry provided.

For those who had not been tested we heard over and over: The testing process is too complicated, too expensive. The process involved going to several offices and several specialists on their own to receive results and treatment. For those who had received treatment we heard: After receiving the CPAP or initial treatment we were never tested again to see if it actually worked. Options other than CPAP were not offered. We never saw our sleep doctor again. We took our findings and developed a comprehensive process that takes our patients from start to finish and beyond all at our office. Everything from the FREE Preliminary testing, through the comfortable home sleep tests to the COMPLETE Oral Appliance Package that makes sure your oral appliance operates at its Optimal Level!

We do our very best to handle everything possible at our office. We hold your hand and take you from start to finish. Some patients have a severe reduction in airflow or have medical anatomical issues restricting airflow. These situations require the use of a CPAP; a visit to an ENT physician or both.

Our process involves extensive pre and post-testing using our Eccovision airway computer and post-treatment home sleep study to ensure your sleep appliance is working at its optimal level both at delivery and beyond!


Phone: 269-466-1110

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