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This place is very friendly, from the minute you walk in with the office staff to the dental hygienist to the dentist, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

-Cheryl G.

This Dental office always gives 100% and I recommend everyone to go, they have taught me more than any office has about my mouth and how it relates to my body in ways I never knew. The girls up front, Sam and Joy always greet me with a smile and know me by name "I feel like you don't get that anymore". I have seen all three hygienist. Joy is so gentle with my girls and they absolutely love coming for their cleanings and to see Copper. Jason and Chad are wonderful too! Dr. Lisa is the Doctor we see and she's wonderful! Thank you Lighthouse Dental Group for great service!

-Mattie M.

Awesome place! The whole complete health dentistry thing is pretty cool. Love Copper the comfort dog.

-Mike Z.

Great service and a homey atmosphere. Just started going to Lighthouse Dental (Bridgman, MI) recently and the ladies at the front desk were so helpful and were speedy in taking care of everything. Dr. Christy was kind and made me feel at ease as I needed a couple of fillings, and who doesn't feel a little uneasy in a dental chair? Overall, great experience and I plan on continuing to go here.

-Angela L.

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