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The Process

Many people suspect they have a reduced airflow or breathing disorder but quickly become discouraged at the hoops they need to jump through in order to receive a diagnosis and treatment.  Often times having to see several different providers. Many people just give up.  Most people never get retested after receiving a CPAP machine or Oral Appliance.

At Lighthouse Sleep Apnea Center we have developed a comprehensive process that takes our patients from start to finish and beyond all at our office.  Everything from the FREE Preliminary testing, through the comfortable home sleep tests to the COMPLETE Oral Appliance Package that makes sure your oral appliance operates at its Optimal Level!


First, we need to know if you have reduced airflow.


We do the Preliminary airway testing free of charge:

We use state of the art airway testing computer called Eccovsion to determine if there is a reduction in airflow and the location.  Simply blow into a tube and the computer does the rest.  Noninvasive, comfortable, quick and easy.  The Eccovision will give us a very good idea if a Home Sleep Test is warranted.  


Some patients have a severe reduction in airflow or have medical anatomical issues restricting airflow.  These situations require the use of a CPAP; a visit to an ENT physician or both.  Although we do EVERYTHING possible in our office; Unfortunately, we will need to refer those patients to the appropriate medical physician. The good news is the Eccovision testing typically reveals these situations in the initial free testing.  The goal is to get our patients healthy and breathing properly and knowing is half the battle.



If a home sleep test is indicated we use the Watchpat 300.  A VERY comfortable noninvasive home sleep test.  Wear the computer on your wrist, place a finger in the probe and stick a sensor on your sternum and you are good to go.  Very comfortable and easy.


The cost of the test includes:

  1. The equipment and home sleep test.

  2. The test results will be reviewed by a medical sleep physician with a diagnosis.


The results are sent back to us for further review.  We will review the results with you and determine the next course of action.  No need to go somewhere else or call someone else. We handle it all for one very low price.


Once the testing indicates our patient can benefit from an oral appliance or if a patient cannot tolerate a CPAP machine we have the Complete Oral Appliance Package.  The package includes not only the oral sleep appliance but all testing to ensure optimal results all at one low price.  WE DO NOT GUESS!


Our Oral Appliance Package includes every step of the treatment process at one low price.  


Here is how it works:

  1. We use the Eccovision jigs to determine the EXACT Optimal placement settings for the oral appliance to maximize effectiveness. NO GUESSING! Eccovision determines both vertical opening as well as protrusion of the jaw settings.  

  2. We use the state-of-the-art PRIMESCAN digital scanner to scan your mouth.  NO MOLDS!  The scan and the settings are sent to the lab for your custom made top of the line Oral Appliance.

  3. We use only the newest and best oral appliances available on the market.  We include optional features at no additional cost such as:

    • Larger opening at the back of the appliance for easier breathing if required.

    • Extremely precise 1/2MM adjustments to the device for maximum effectiveness.

    • Distal Wrap for comfort and stability.

    • Cheek protector for maximum comfort. 

    • A soft inner liner which allows for future dental work to be completed without requiring the manufacture of a new appliance.  Also maximizes comfort and reduces the possibility of tooth movement. 

    • 3-year warranty on workmanship, materials and loss (with restrictions).

  4. Delivery:  Once the oral appliance arrives we put you back on the Eccovision to make sure the device is at the optimal settings.  If needed we can adjust your appliance at any time in 1/2mm adjustments.  Again, NO GUESSING!

  5. 2-day follow-up call to see how you are doing.

  6. 2 week in person follow-up. Eccovision testing and adjustments if needed.

  7. 1 month follow-up home sleep test while wearing the appliance.

  8. 6 month in person follow-up.  Eccovovision testing and adjustments if needed.

  9. Unlimited office visits and testing in the first 12 months (if needed).

  10. Everything above in one low price.


Annual Visits:

We recommend coming in once a year to ensure the device is working at its optimal level.


Phone: 269-466-1110

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