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What is Complete Health Dentistry?

We focus on more than just your mouth.

A complete health dentistry practice focuses on how the health of the mouth affects the overall health of the body. During each visit, we review the current and past overall health history of our patients. We also review your family's health history to help determine specific areas of potential concern.

By keeping the mouth healthy we can reduce and even eliminate potential inflammatory diseases in the rest of the body. A healthy mouth plays a pivotal role in helping patients recover from inflammatory disease.

Annual health care savings due to a healthy mouth:

A recent study* by United Concordia Insurance revealed significant medical cost savings and reduced hospitalizations for people with certain inflammatory conditions that received consistent periodontal treatment and maintenance. 

Average annual savings:

Cerebrovascular Disease: $1,029

Heart Disease: $2,956

Diabetes: $3,291

Rheumatoid Arthritis: $3,964

Pregnancy: $2,430

Did you know...

Over the course of a lifetime,

you will likely see a dentist more often than a physician...

At Lighthouse Dental Group we are not just focused on the mouth. Lighthouse Dental Group is an entire team made up of highly educated individuals dedicated to not only the health of your mouth but the health of your whole body. All at no additional charge.


The mouth is the gateway to the body. Many serious health events can be identified or even prevented by carefully examining how the health of your mouth contributes to your overall health. We also review your family’s health history to help determine specific areas of potential concern. Detailed notes are kept just for you and all areas are checked each and every visit.

The following video is an excerpt from "Say Ahh!," a documentary created by the organization Partners in Complete Health, that follows the journeys of six American families as they discover how much of an impact oral health has on their lives.

We work with your physician.

In fact, the health of the mouth has such a dramatic effect on the health of the body many surgeons now require patients to get their mouths healthy before they will perform some surgeries. We work in partnership with our patients to keep their oral health at optimum levels for a lifetime. We partner with your physician to prevent disease, or if you are already battling a health issue; we partner with your specialist to battle the disease and make recovery as quick as possible.

We listen to our patients.

Quality care begins with taking the time to listen to our patients. Your story is important to us. We take the time to listen to your goals. We review not only your health history, but also that of your family in order to determine health areas where you may be susceptible. We tailor a TX plan to meet your goals while maintaining optimal whole-body health for life.

How Oral Health Affects Other Conditions

We have all heard of plaque and tartar, the effects of the buildup of bad bacteria in the mouth. This bad bacteria creates infections, which cause the body to fight back thus creating inflammation. If left untreated, these infections can travel to other organs in the body and overload the immune system, causing a condition called inflammatory burden. 

If the body cannot overcome this inflammatory burden, it can lead to Chronic Inflammation. By constantly fighting inflammation in an unhealthy mouth and other areas of the body, the body does not have enough time and resources to fully recover. This accumulation of chronic inflammatory conditions can eventually trigger a tipping point in the body called the Inflammatory Cascade. As the name suggests, this condition furthers the body's already compromised immune system and can in turn cause or worsen serious inflammatory diseases such as the ones listed below.

Click on a condition below for information about how it relates to the health of the mouth.

Do you have a condition that is not listed?

Medical researchers continue to find new links between chronic inflammatory diseases and oral hygiene. As they uncover more information, we will list it here.


If you would like more information regarding the link between your oral health and a medical condition, whether listed here or not, feel free to call our office at (269) 465-3001.

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